Homebuying January 25 2017

Mortgage Tip #3 - You should not buy a vehicle

Applying for any new credit, including one used to purchase a vehicle, could result in inquiries on your credit report. This can lower your credit score, which can affect the amount of money you can qualify for.

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February 08 2018

How to Cut Energy Costs

You know it already—owning a home is expensive. These energy saving habits around your home can make a real difference on your utility bills.

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February 06 2018

Magic Words to Sell Your Home

Selling your home? There are using your listing to advertise your home's best features. Check out which keywords can sell your home fast.

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January 30 2018

Essential Tips for Single Home Buyers

Buying a home is a big step, and if you are a single home buyer the process can be daunting. Here're the essential tips to successfully purchase a home.

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January 23 2018

6 Steps to Start Saving for Your Down Payment

Thinking about buying a home, but having trouble saving for the down payment? Here are 6 steps to start saving for your down payment.

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January 18 2018

Benefits to Refinancing Your Mortgage

Are you curious about whether or not refinancing is right for you? Here are some of the benefits of refinancing your mortgage.

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January 16 2018

What Does it Mean When Your “Mortgage is Sold”?

Have you received a letter notifying you that your mortgage loan has been sold? If so, don’t be alarmed! This is common practice among most mortgage companies. Having a sold loan means that the lender has sold the rights to service the loan (i.e. collect...

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January 14 2018

Top 4 Mortgage Myths - Myth #4 You must put 20% down

YOU CAN AVOID OR REMOVE PMI WITHOUT PUTTING 20% DOWN The 20% down payment is the biggest myth out there – and it’s completely false! There are homeowners who qualified for their mortgage with as little as $0 down payment. The reason why people say...

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January 13 2018

Top 4 Mortgage Myths - Myth #3 Credit Issues = No Mortgage

YOU MAY QUALIFY WITH LOW A CREDIT SCORE The fear of loan denial has led many people with low credit scores to see themselves as a renter for the long-term. However, your credit score is only one piece of the puzzle. A low credit score with an...

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January 12 2018

Top 4 Mortgage Myths - Myth #2 You Need A Perfect Credit Score

KNOW THE MINIMUM SCORE NEEDED It’s no secret that the higher your credit score the better, since a good credit score can get you a lower interest rate when you borrow. But even if you have a low credit score, you may still be able to qualify for a mortgage...

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